Welcome to Year One!

Welcome everyone to our Year 1 blog!

This is where we post photos, show our work and let you know how we are getting on in Bramshaw Class.

The children have settled in beautifully and are such a lovely class to work with. Behaviour is great and lots of learning is going on.

Reading Books – children are encouraged to change their books as often as needed. They have time to do so independently each morning. For now, help them if they need it!

Library Books – Mrs Sherrington will take the class on a Thursday or Friday, so please pop books into book bags ready to swap.

Homework – lovely new homework books will be sent out on a Thursday (usually) to be returned by the following Weds please. Please work with your child – pencil grip is so vital in year one and keep an eye on the direction your child is forming their letters. Come and see us, or write a note in the homework books if you are not sure about anything.

Quick reminder! Can you please remind your child to put their blue reading diary into the yellow box each morning so we can check for notes. Thanks.

 Well Done Year One! A super start to the new school year!